For our Polson, Montana customers:

You’ve probably heard our exciting news! Unity Bank has relocated down the road to 104 Ridgewater Drive in Polson. 

As our valued customer and community, here’s what you need to know:
  • You do not need to do anything regarding this transition. Your account information, online banking, etc., will all stay the same.  The only change is our new location!
  • Your Polson Team that you know and trust are all going with to our new building and they are all very excited to experience this new building with you!
  • Our ATM that is currently at the Ridgewater location will still be there. We will also be upgrading the ATM to an Interactive Teller Machine where you will be able to deposit cash and checks, make loan payments and instantly video chat with a Unity Banker.
  • We are excited to move down the road to this new convenient location and we hope you are excited too! We look forward to celebrating with you when the snow melts in the spring!
  • As a Safe Deposit Box holder at Unity Bank, we want to make sure you are aware of the following items:
    1. First and foremost, your belongings are safe and secure in your Safe Deposit Box. Unity Bank and Valley Banks are working together to make sure this is a smooth transition for you.
    2. If you choose to do nothing at this time, your Safe Deposit Box contents will remain at 213 1st, Polson. Whether you decide to open a Safe Deposit Box with Unity Bank or Valley Banks, you will need to create a new lease agreement with that institution.   A copy of your original lease agreement will be on file for Valley Banks to reference.
    3. As a valued customer of Unity Bank, you will have the opportunity to open a safe deposit box at our new facility. We will waive your 2022 annual safe deposit box fee. Our new boxes are scheduled to be ready in the Spring 2022, but we will call you if they are available sooner. We will waive your 2022 annual safe deposit box fee. We will be here in the spring for our snowbirds and look forward to seeing you after a long winter!
    4. Should you choose to keep your existing Safe Deposit Box in its current location, you will need to reach out to Valley Banks at 406-883-6000 to notify them and sign a new Safe Deposit Box Agreement. You may do this at any time.   
    5. Through December 31, 2021 12:00 pm MT., you will contact Unity Bank to access your Safe Deposit Box located at 213 1st Street West, Polson. After December 31, 2021 you will contact Valley Banks to access your Safe Deposit Box.
Reminder: A Safe Deposit Box is storage space provided by the bank pursuant to a separate agreement.  The contents, including cash, checks, or other valuables, are not insured by the FDIC if damaged or stolen. If you choose to transfer the contents of your Safe Deposit Box, Unity Bank or Valley Banks are not liable for any damage or loss during the transfer.

If you have any questions about this relocation or your Safe Deposit Box, feel free to reach out to anyone at Unity Bank at 406-883-4358 or contact the Unity Bank Customer Care Team at 877-889-6847.  You can reach out to Valley Banks by calling 406-883-6000.