Experience Community

Unity Bank has been standing side by side with each of our communities we serve for over 140 years.  We continue to thrive, and we do this together, with you. YOU are the reason our bank stands strong, stable, and secure in our communities.

Unity Bank Chief Financial Officer, Bob Myrland says, “At Unity Bank, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of financial strength, stability, and integrity. As your trusted banking partner, we understand the importance of maintaining a solid foundation to safeguard your financial interests. Since 1882, we have a long-standing history of stability and success. Our bank has weathered various economic cycles, demonstrating resilience and adaptability. This experience, coupled with a prudent approach to business, positions us strongly in the market and ensures that we can continue to deliver reliable and secure financial services to you.” 

Community Banking is UNITY. We thank you for your confidence in Unity Bank.
Unity Bank is a family owned community bank with offices in Minnesota, Montana, and Wisconsin. With 16 locations, $565 million in assets, and 165 employees, Unity Bank continues to be an integral member of the communities we serve and is committed to providing a full range of products to meet our customer’s financial needs.