Merchant Services

Unity Bank is proud to partner with CoCard to offer you products and services to meet your demands in electronic transaction processing.

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A CoCard payment system offers you…
  • 24/7 merchant help-desk support
  • A variety of point-of-sale network choices to satisfy any merchant’s needs
  • Internet merchant support and training available for your staff
  • Online set-up available for merchants
  • Online access to key merchant information
  • Full line of equipment and software sales
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Check guarantee and conversion
  • ATM sales
  • Gift card program
Secure Solutions

Through our partnership with CoCard, we can provide you with the very best products and services offered in the electronic payment industry. Regardless of your business or industry, we have the expertise and product solutions to meet all your payment processing needs. Whether you’d like a comprehensive cost analysis on your current payment provider or a presentation on a new product or service that could improve your bottom line, we offer the best solution.

CoCard will work hard to secure the best pricing from the largest payment processors and vendors in this industry, providing you with a competitive advantage. Our wide range of processing platforms and product offerings allows customers the most flexible and effective method of accepting electronic payments.

Credit Card Processing Statement Review

If you’re currently accepting credit card payments, you may be overpaying by up to 30% to process your customers’ credit and debit cards. In addition, there may be a list of hidden fees driving up your costs and decreasing your profits. With a free credit card processing statement analysis, we will be able to:

  • Identify hidden fees
  • Find out if you are paying more than you should, based on your industry
  • Determine if you’re using the most cost effective way of submitting transactions
  • Discover lower rates/fees
  • Calculate potential monthly/annual savings 
Payment Solutions

CoCard point-of-sale solutions offer all-in-one hardware, software, customized apps, and a merchant account, allowing you to do it all. Take payments, view inventory, track sales, manage employees, and add custom apps for your business. CoCard offers retail and restaurant solutions as well.

Gateway Virtual Terminal 

The CoCard Gateway Virtual Terminal is an online payment application that allows you to accept credit cards and other payment types on your website. The Virtual Terminal also acts as your CoCard gateway account management application and allows you to view gateway processing reports, edit fraud settings, manage users, and more.

Smart Cards

Contactless EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) works by holding a contactless chip-enabled payment device (typically a card or smartphone) within proximity of a contactless-capable reader. The CoCard reader energizes the chip embedded in the card and allows exchange of data via radio frequency without the payment device ever leaving the customer’s possession.

Mobile Solutions

Accept Mobile Payments 

With CoCard mobile merchant account services, including iPhone and iPad credit card processing solutions, you can accept credit cards anywhere and truly improve ease of use and cost efficiency. CoCard offers advanced mobile credit card processing solutions to help your business maintain a competitive edge in today’s evolving market.

Zero Processing Fees Program
With CoCard’s Empower Program, you can legally share your credit card processing costs with your customers.

Whether you decide to add a surcharge or noncash adjustment on each transaction or offer a discount for customers paying with cash, we empower your profits and will help you pick the pricing structure that works best for your business and your customers. Implementing a noncash adjustment is another way business owners can offer a discount off of their listed, stated, and advertised prices. Customers who pay with credit and debit cards do not receive the discount and will notice a noncash adjustment on their receipt.


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