No more trips to deposit checks.

Bring the bank to your business
Trips to the bank to deposit customer checks take valuable time you could be using to focus on other important tasks. Mobile Deposit for Business (mRDC) from Unity Bank makes it possible for you — or any employee you assign — to deposit those checks from a smartphone or mobile device.
Not only will you be able to put funds into your business account faster, you can also:
  • Easily track all deposits, deposit amounts, deposit times and depositors with detailed reports
  • Associate customer names, accounts and invoice numbers with their payments
  • Eliminate the worry of losing or misplacing checks
Mobile Deposit for Business is the most advanced remote banking service Unity Bank has ever offered. Best of all, it was designed with businesses like yours in mind.
What it is
Mobile Deposit for Business (mRDC) lets you deposit checks directly from a mobile device or smartphone, no matter where you are. That versatility improves your cash flow, plus it saves money and fuel getting to and from the bank. It also lets you and your employees stay focused on your business, whenever and wherever it happens.
How it works
Mobile Deposit for Business uses your mobile device or smartphone as a check scanner for your accounts. This allows you to remotely scan and deposit paper checks wherever you are.
Why it’s better
Mobile Deposit for Business takes all of the convenience of Remote Deposit Capture and makes it even more versatile. And with mobile electronic deposits, you’ll stay organized without the worries of lost or misplaced checks.
What it means to you
You can retain focus on your business and stay productive. Mobile Deposit for Business helps you and your employees bank on your business’s schedule.
With Mobile Deposit for Business, you’ll be able to:
check deposits by securely processing them as you receive them
time and money with fewer trips to the bank
checks quickly and easily from a smartphone or mobile device
cash flow by receiving funds faster

Mobile Deposit for Business not only provides a secure way for you and your team to deposit checks, it can also help improve your operations and support profitability. 
Contact us today to learn how you can improve your cash flow with Mobile Deposit for Business.