Since September 2010, one of the ways we conduct staff training and development at Unity Bank is with a weekly virtual meeting. We cover a wide array of topics; from product and service training to customer experience to culture and vision.

Now YOU ARE INVITED to join us as we partner with Building Connections Group for a Growth Series special event: Unity University Education Session with Jessica Martin, of Martin Management. Come and listen to how Jessica is helping businesses rejuvenate their companies with steps toward complete transformational change, all by listening to their customers.


Tuesday, October 18
1:00pm CT
Via Zoom

In this interactive Zoom growth session, you'll hear how Jessica Martin, a dedicated business owner and licensed psychologist, experienced incredible growth from the transformational change she made happen in her business. After listening to the clientele in the dental industry and turning the customer experience upside down, clients went from feeling fear, anxiety, and uncertainty to feeling welcomed, comforted, and relaxed. 

Jessica and her team did things differently, they did it better, they stood out and met the needs, wants, and desires of their clients. These changes allowed their business to evolve and experience major growth mode, expanding their clientele numbers 10x and taking their business to the next level. Jessica now helps others with her strategic, out of the box ideas, creating changes and helping businesses in all industries soar to new levels!

Join us to hear how this approach can help your business experience TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE, no matter what industry!!

Register for this web series on October 18 at 1:00pm CT with the link below.

Meet Jessica!

Jessica Martin is the owner of Martin Management Consulting and co-owner of Martin Dental, a successful dental spa in Eau Claire, WI. Jessica is a licensed school psychologist and helps medical professionals understand why patients feel anxious or fear at the dentist and other medical appointments. Jessica has created strategies for dental offices to remove some of the most common barriers to dental care. She loves sharing ways to make the experience positive for every patient. Jessica has also been involved in leadership positions for two local networking organizations for the past 7 years. She has assisted 90+ business professionals thrive and be more successful.