Tired of all the credit card receipts after Christmas?
Start saving today for smiles tomorrow!
Unity Bank offers a special type of Savings account for you to specifically save for next years Holiday Season, called the Christmas Club.  You can setup automatic transfers which makes it easy for you to save.  Plus, your account will earn a premium interest rate on the first $3000 you save.  Then, on the last business day of October, Unity Bank will automatically deposit all of the money you've saved in your Christmas Club account into your Unity Bank checking account.  And your Christmas Club Savings Account will automatically renew to start saving right away again for next year!  
  • Minimum Amount to Open: $1
  • No Minimum Balance Required
  • Interest is a Variable Rate Tiered Interest.  Interest is compounded quarterly and credited quarterly.*
  • You are not allowed to make any withdrawals from this account so you can keep watching it grow!
  • Unity Bank limits the account to one account per person (Tax ID Number)
  • There are no fees associated with this account
  • You will earn a Premium Interest rate on the first $3000
  • The account balance will pay out the last business day of October
  • The account will renew automatically
  • Auto transfer makes it easy to save!
Stop in to your local Unity Bank to open a Christmas Club anytime!
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*Interest calculated on average daily balance over Minimum Account Balance.