Meet our 2022 Interns

A few years ago, we began implementing an Internship Program at Unity Bank. It has evolved and progressed since then and this year we welcomed five interns into the 2022 Summer Intern Program.

Why do we spend time and resources on the Internship Program?
  1. Hiring interns not only helps students in our local communities get started; it enhances the local workforce as a whole.
  2. Helping students close the workforce gap with real-world experience in an internship, and at the same time developing future grads to be ready to hit the ground running when they start working at a company.
  3. Implementing an internship program gives us direct access to recent developments. As much as our interns will learn from us, we can also learn from them.
  4. As current bankers mentor and coach our interns, they’ll gain valuable leadership skills.
  5. Additionally, interns often bring enthusiasm, motivation, and positive energy. This work ethic and positivity can easily rub off on others, improving the overall culture of Unity Bank.
Are you interested in an internship at Unity Bank?  Email to see if we have any openings.